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Strategic Planning

Come together as a team to learn and grow. Workshops and training’s serve as a turning point, fostering greater communication and alignment within teams.

Every organization is different. Every person within the organization is unique. PsychSkills is intentional about assessing your needs and building workshops and training’s with targeted topics that strengthen the skills of your workforce. You deserve a strategic plan that meets your development goals based on your culture, leadership, business model and employees.

PsychSkills Results

Take the stress out of finding the right topics and activities that will help your team grow. PsychSkills can help you plan the right agenda, whether the focus is team cohesion, business vision, communication or life planning and life/work balance, and we provide all needed materials to support activities, training and assessments.

Dr. Sherman and her team design customized workshops to provide solutions that meet your employees where they are and help them develop to the level you need them to be.

“Dynamic, passionate, knowledgeable and fun… all words past participants have used to describe Dr. Sherman’s workshops and trainings.”

– workshop participants

Areas We Focus On

  • Dysfunctions Interrupted – The 9 Areas to Develop for Exceptional Leadership™
  • Emotional Intelligence for the Workplace
  • Time Management, Organization and Boundaries
  • Thinking Skills that Create Success
  • Stress Management and Work/Life Balance
  • Effective Communication and Listening
  • Giving and Receiving Effective and Constructive Feedback
  • Problem Solving Processes and Development
workshops and training

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