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Hiring Correctly

Who you hire and what tasks they are asked to perform based on their perceived skills and abilities determine their confidence and level of job satisfaction, commitment, productivity and probability for success. Placing the right person in the right role is critical to the ongoing progress of every organization. That’s why PsychSkills uses evidence-based data to help you make critical hiring decisions.

Our various levels and types of psychological assessments support you at every employment level-from entry up to C-Suite. Assessments provide a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s and existing Talent’s work style, work personality, critical thinking skills, cognitive ability and emotional competence.

PsychSkills Results

Using the best and most widely recognized tools in the industry, our assessments help recruit and onboard the best talent for your specific needs. All instruments are known for their reliability and validity and are administered by doctoral level psychologists.

For your convenience and budget considerations, we administer assessments on site or online via secure platforms.

“Assessment is practical and science based, it helps everybody. Its good for the company, good for it’s leaders and management and good for the individual. There is nothing worse than someone needlessly struggling in the wrong job or lacking an identifiable skill base.”

– Dr. Audrey Sherman

Areas of Focus 

  • Psychological Assessment for Selection and Development
  • Surveys to Measure Engagement, Job Satisfaction & Leadership Performance
  • Team Assessment
  • Career Alignment

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Assessment Services

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