Our Goals

PsychSkills is dedicated to helping clients maximize their human capital in order to achieve organizational excellence and maintain their competitive edge. Using proven, psychology-based methodologies, we help organizations create a dynamic, supportive culture where individuals and teams excel.

Organizations are built to solve problems, satisfy needs of customers, and become economically profitable. This happens when evidence-based decisions are made when hiring and developing talent. PsychSkills utilizes a comprehensive approach to cultural change and employee development that enables our clients to recruit, onboard, develop and ensure that each employee is in the right position for maximum performance and retention.

PsychSkills Results

Collaborating with human resource professionals and organizational leaders to create a culture where employees can best utilize their skills, talent and abilities. We provide accurate assessment, effective coaching and engaging workshops and trainings. By listening to your concerns, we identify and plan the right strategy to address your needs.

PsychSkills is available to help you get the measurable and lasting results that will keep your organization competitive for years to come.

“Real life stories, content expertise and a common sense approach provide clients with knowledge, techniques and strategies that they can implement immediately.”

Dr. Audrey Sherman
Founder and CEO Dr. Audrey Sherman is a licensed psychologist, speaker and author of the popular book, Dysfunction Interrupted: How to Quickly Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Anger Starting Now. An expert at maximizing human potential, her assessment methodologies, coaching and development programs are based on over 17 years of success helping entry level and seasoned leaders develop their strengths and break through the disruptive patterns that hinder top workplace performance.

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