PsychSkills exists for one reason: to help our clients assess, select, develop and retain qualified leadership and talent to create and maintain a competitive edge.

What could happen within your organization if your employees were given and inspired to use vital tools and strategies needed to operate at maximum performance?

Dr. Audrey Sherman is a psychologist and expert in maximizing human potential who has won the trust of thousands.

Dr. Sherman’s innovative, common sense approach helps develop and leverage talent by simplifying the complexities of human behavior while eliminating stagnating dysfunctional patterns that erode productivity.

If your organization is looking to create a culture where individual and collective strengths are fostered, communication and execution are expected and personal and business growth are the norm, Dr. Sherman welcomes a conversation with you. Contact us today to inquire about our services.

Organizational Development

Company culture is based on many factors, including how employees make decisions, treat one another, manage projects and interpret what behaviors are rewarded.

Coaching & Talent Development

We believe that exceptional leadership drives outstanding cultures that yield extraordinary business results.

Assessment Services

Who you hire and what tasks they are asked to perform based on their perceived skills and abilities determine their confidence and level of job satisfaction, commitment, productivity and probability for success.

Workshops & Training

Come together as a team to learn and grow. Workshops and training’s serve as a turning point, fostering greater communication and alignment within teams.

PsychSkills Consulting Group
Ft. Myers, FL

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